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Nashville, Tennessee

Your Next Big Event:
If you are planning any type of event, more than likely you are going to need entertainment. That's where Studio Parable comes in; providing a wide range of services and entertainment. Events as small as backyard gatherings, or as large as ballroom weddings, Studio Parable has the experience to help make your event memorable.

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Mobile DJ

DJ Service
Whether you are promoting a nightclub/rave event or a formal wedding, we have the tools and experience to get the party pumping. Parable has over 10 years of professional DJ experience and is sure to be the perfect source of entertainment.

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Recording Sessions

Let’s face it, gear costs money. And good gear costs even more. To top it off each piece of equipment has a learning curve. Why spend all your time learning how to properly set up a recording session when you can have a trained professional do it for you. With a decent list of already available equipment, and access to much more, let Studio Parable bring the recording session to you.

Rates start at $35/hour.
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Producing & Engineering

Producing and engineering services are available for on site and portable recording scenarios. Prices vary according to the scope of work; however, rates are competitive and negotiable. Studio Parable has a wide range of experience with boutique, analog, and digital equipment. Hourly and bulk hourly price packages are available.

Engineering Rates:
Hourly: $30 - $50/hour based on the scope of work.
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Mixing Services

Sure, you can mix your own music in your home studio, but the songs won’t turn out nearly as well as if you handed them over to someone who does it for a living. Professionals have the experience and know all the tips and tricks to make their mixes really come to life. Plus it’s invaluable to have another person’s input at this stage, because most likely you are so close to your project you can’t see the forest for the trees. The best part about it is when it’s all finished you won’t be so completely sick of listening to your own song that you can’t even enjoy it anymore.

Rates: $200 - $250/song
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Live Sound

No matter what your event, a quality sound engineer is important. We can help you! Anything from a concert in the park to motivational speaker, we have what it takes to give your event the right sound. Hiring a band for your wedding? Make sure you have someone who truly knows how to run a sound board. Whether you need gear or consulting, Studio Parable can help.

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Education & Certification
Degree: Digital Music Technology - San Diego City College
Certification: Recording Arts - Miramar College