Sep 2010

The Big Move

Well the day is quickly approaching! I’m excited to report that I’m moving north into a new place. I’m excited about all the new changes. As far as my media projects are concerned this will mean more space to work. The studio will be expanding into a nicer more comfortable space. And that also means new equipment. I just picked up a Keystation Pro 88 for the studio. Will also be picking up some equipment got Project Touch Screen. I’ll take some pictures of the rebuilding process. I’m excited!!

Pasted Graphic

Project Touch Screen

This concept shows one of many possibilities involved with projected touch screen technologies.  With the combination of using an acrylic based projection surface, a dispersion method (dispersion methods such as films, frosted surfaces, etc.) a projector, and an infrared signal/receiver the physical creation will be completed.  From there interactivity is only limited by creativity and programming.  The surface will be viewable from both sides and potentially could be touch sensitive on both sides.  Project focuses may include interactive music through touch screen, interactive video conferencing, and interactive digital art. The artist could display sample triggers, interactive touch sensitive visuals, live touch video warping, etc.  Possible presentation of instillation at 1825 Revolver, Art Shows, Ministry Events, Trade Shows, etc. Musically this project could allow musician/audience interaction using two sided touch sensitivity. I am currently seeking funding support for this project.