Front Page of the Tennessean

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A new member (Daniel) had joined the Studio Parable team and has brought his projector mapping skills to the team. For Halloween we projector mapped our house and made the front page of the... Read More...

Greetings from Nashville

Studio Parable has made the move to Music City. Over the next several month shop will be setup, and more space utilized. Over that time the main focus will be that of mobile services. Then progressing towards a professional level studio. In addition I am looking at adding some new entertainment services to include outdoor movies & video games for parties, gatherings, and unique events. This is truly an exciting time for Studio Parable and there are a lot of ideas in the works!!!

Red Hand Mixing Complete

After a great session with Red Hand, and a few months of hard work and dedication, the final mix-down is complete and mastered. Read More...

In The Studio With Red Hand

Wow!!! The recording session with Red Hand could not have gone better. Having a group as rehearsed and ready to record makes for a better end product and these guys NAILED IT!!! We were able to get two tracks recorded during a two hour session and I am pleased to know that the end product will be phenomenal. It was a pleasure working with these guys and I hope we get a chance to do it again. Check back as I will post the final mix when complete. I have posted some pictures in the gallery.

In the Studio With Kendrick Dial & Lyrical Groove

Had an great evening in the studio with Kendrick Dial & Lyrical Groove. It was a pleasure working with such a talented group. I truly appreciated a fresh sound and new approach to the delivery of spoken word. I am looking forward to bringing out the best at mix-down and can’t wait to share the tracks at completion. Be sure to check out the gallery to see pictures from the session.