Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Studio Parable is an independently owned company which provides a hosting of high quality professional audio services. With over 10 years of DJ experience, Studio Parable strives to provide the best entertainment for weddings, private events, corporate gatherings, club/rave events, and anything else you can think of. In the near future we will be offering services for backyard movies and giant screen video games, which would be great for birthday parties or family reunions. Studio Parable also offers services for live sound, recording, producing, engineering, and mixing.


From a personal perspective Studio Parable is also the home my creative mind. This is where I will present my current works and ideas in music production, video technology, interactive art, as well as my digital portfolio. The future goal and dream of Studio Parable is to host a venue where artists, musicians, and creative minds can work together on individual and like-minded projects, while still being able to support themselves as a business entity. I believe that with faith, drive, and a common goal, “Starving Artists” don’t need to be “starving.”